Why DLive?

Hey everyone! So as you all might know, we are ALilDemonic and LordAmish! Or as some call us, DemonicAmish. Our journey began back in 2018 with LordAmish starting in April and ALilDemonic starting in May so already a year now for both of us, time as certainly flown by. When we began we were both streaming PUBG on Xbox to Facebook daily but it wasn’t until almost six months down the road before mutual gamer friends had us play a game together! At that time we were trying our hand at more of a tournament stream play style but after sometime we realised we did a lot better just having more fun with our “can we ramp it?” episodes and just messing around in general. So around October we started focusing on streaming games together and by December ALilDemonic found out about DLive from another Facebook streamer and informed LordAmish about this great platform hoping to get other Facebook streamers involved despite criticism for trying another platform.

The move to DLive when we did was the start of something amazing. We got our feet in the door of a platform that was just getting started and had it’s eyes on the stars. Our wonderful viewers from Facebook went through some of the growing pains of trying out DLive in it’s early stages and stuck with us throughout it all! We’ve experienced nothing but great things with DLive and its supporting community and staff members. Since then we partook in some community events that DLive held such as the Happy Hour event that we topped the charts in! With our move to DLive as well we decided to in January to form the unstoppable duo called DemonicAmish! With that new team name we have also opened a merchandise store, a discord channel for our wonderful community, and a Facebook group!

It wasn’t until we went to Pax East in March that we finally met each other in person for the first time! Pax East was certainly a memorable time since we got to meet our streaming idol StoneMountain64 in person and chat with him for a moment, we got to represent DLive and chat with others for several others at the DLive booth and met some amazing streamers and staff members from DLive.

In April we got our first sponsorship deal with Raney’s Beef Jerky! It was such an unexpected exciting moment when we were contacted by them and we were thrilled for the opportunity. At this time we were also invited to join the Nuclear Vikings team which is a wonderful bunch of people that stream on Twitch and Dlive. So we said yes! It’s been an amazing time so far since joining up with them and it’s been fun streaming to their team channel on our days that we have! April was just full of amazing opportunities for us!

It’s already been six months since we’ve made the move to DLive! Ever since then it has just continued to explode and grow larger and larger everyday. Even PewDiePie made the transition over from Youtube bringing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people to DLive. It has been absolutely incredible being here and being part of it all! Alildemonic has now gone over 2000 follows on DLive and LordAmish is now over 1700!

When it comes to video games for us you’ll typically catch us playing some PUBG with LordAmish doing what he does best by driving around while ALilDemonic tries to shoot out all of his tires. It’s always a fun time! We won’t only play PUBG though! We try and add some variety by playing Halo, Rage 2, Elite Dangerous, Ark, and many others! We enjoy trying out new games and having fun with them. One thing that we don’t plan on changing for quite some time though is our Tag-A-Long Tuesday that we’ve been running ever since custom games were a thing on Xbox PUBG! Certainly a crowd favourite right there!

Looking back on our year of streaming we have had such a blast! It’s certainly been a lot of hard work, a lot more than we could have imagined but we could not have done it without the love and support of our community and our amazing team. You guys are why we do what we do. So thank you so much for being here and we look forward to another amazing year!

Come join us over on DLive:- LordAmishALilDemonic

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