Nuclear Vikings

Back in April we were approached by a lovely group of people that called themselves the Nuclear Vikings and they wanted us to join them! We were a bit hesitant at first since we had already formed our team of the DemonicAmish duo and didn’t want to stray from that. We wanted to stay true to who we are! They assured us that there would be no need for us to change anything about how we stream or what we do since they wanted us to join them because of how we are on stream! So, after we got talking to them for a bit and got to know them a little bit better we agreed and became part of the Nuclear Vikings!

The Nuclear Vikings was originally created in the idea of being based around an E-Sports community. They had soon realised that they were going to have to change their thinking and decided on focusing on their community and growing it before delving into the tournament side of things. They ended up creating a wonderful stream team over on Twitch and have recently come over to DLive and built a stream team here as well!

From the words of Bert himself! “Nuclear Vikings is an E-Sports organisation that offers a multi-gaming community that feels just like family. Our reason for coming together is to inspire and unite people using competitive gaming and streaming as a platform for that. You can expect wild and wonderful streamers featured here, from the insanely skilled to the more casual gamer; from hilariously offensive to warm and fuzzy we are sure to have something for everyone; however, I dare you not to love them all. Nuclear Vikings streamers are ready to welcome you in and keep you entertained time after time. What they all have in common is their love for games, people, community, and some top-quality chat; creating pockets of space on the internet where people feel at home and can get involved.”

Ever since joining up with the Nuclear Vikings we have met some amazing people! It’s been great getting to chat with all the different streamers from that team and getting plenty of great laughs with them! Their whole community has been incredibly welcoming, and they are all so supportive! We have been blessed to have such an opportunity to join up with this great group of people and look forward to the future with them!

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