My name is ALilDemonic, also known as Darrell. I’ve been playing video games since I could remember. Started out with an N64 and GameBoy Classic. I eventually upgraded to an Original Xbox and started playing Halo and Halo 2. I discovered the world of Xbox Live and fell even more in love with gaming. I played a variety of games from Fallout, COD to Gears of War. Always back to my roots with Halo. Tried my hand at a number of local tournaments, where I took first place in several events. Tried my hand at several online tournaments, Where I went up against several legends, that are huge names, in the gaming world today.

During my college years I took a step back from gaming and studied/partied the best I could. It wasn’t until late 2017 that a friend of mine sent me an Xbox One and told me to get back into gaming. So I gladly did. Slowly, but surely. I had been watching several streamers during my off time from gaming. With my re-entering into gaming, I decided to give it a shot as well. It was rough to start. Very slow, but loved entertaining the best I could. I met amazing people along my way. Several Trial and errors led me to LordAmish where we made DemonicAmish Dominion. Where we continue to grow each day.

I’ll never see myself as a competitive gamer, but I will always try my best to do well and entertain in the best way. I feel that my purpose in life, is to make people laugh and smile. I hope to turn someone’s day around the best that I can. Hope this gives you all some insight about who I am as a person, and want to join our community as we grow in a positive way.


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