Why dlive?

The move to DLive when we did, was the start of something amazing. We had our foot in the door of a platform that was just getting started and had it’s eyes on the stars.


"The doctors knew of his heart condition during pregnancy he had a ASD and VSD which means there are holes in his heart."

The Vikings are invading

Nuclear Vikings is an E-Sports organisation that offers a multi-gaming community that feels just like family.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

About us

Hey everyone thank you so much for stopping by! The DemonicAmish Dominion consists of the streamers ALilDemonic and LordAmish as well as the wonderful community involved! The two of them stream daily on Facebook as well as! You'll typically find them roasting some chicken or shooting another episode of "Can you ramp it?" in PUBG! They also play a variety of other games such as What the box?, halo, skyrim, apex legends, ark, smite, and many others! The most important thing for these two is staying positive and having an amazing time! Don't ever be afraid to say hi and chat, they love talking to everyone! People still wonder if LordAmish is really Amish? And how is Alildemonic's clothes not burnt to crisp when he evolves? So be sure to swing on by their streams and see what all the hoopla is all about! The Dominion awaits!